26, March 2016: Among the four products, Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q6, the Airwheel Q1, the lightest one is going to be discussed. The invention of Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooters has solved this problem and helped more people to enjoy the pleasure and convenience of the Airwheel Q series. Because some have complained that, the Airwheel X series referring to one wheel scooters are too difficult to learn.


Please do not misunderstand us when we say 'suitable for beginners'. Q1 also has great features and capabilities like all other Airwheel models. For instance, Q1 electric scooter is powered by the most advanced processor worldwide: Top architecture and significant performance improvement, capable of processing 1024 flops per second and monitoring real-time data.


The lightest electric twin wheeled Airwheel weighs at just 10.5 kilograms! You can also enjoy a 17-20 km range on a single charge. Twin wheels placed side by side allows ease of use and makes the unit capable of standing straight. The two wheels positioned next to each other, operating as one, gives the user a much more surface area on the ground and is much easier to ride. Airwheel self-balancing scooter adopts the latest aviation aluminium pedal featuring level I hardness and better duration. In addition, it is fabricated into frost brushed surfaced owing to latest processing technique.

It is suitable for all ages. For girls, the Airwheel Q1 twin-wheeled electric scooter will make them regain their confidence to conquer this modern and advanced means of transport. The black & red combination or the white and orange blending of Airwheel Q1 presents them youthful vigour. For students, Airwheel Q1 will be manipulated faster, as no matter the faddish appearance or the cool performance will make them stand out from the ordinary. For the senior citizens, the twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter is much safer than the single-wheeled electric scooter. Airwheel Q1 self-balancing electric scooter is suitable for all ages.

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