18, November 2015: Airwheel Q series is in the middle of X series and S series, which refer to the twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter, with better balance, and easier manipulation that is favoured by most of girls. Along with their colourful appearance, Airwheel Q series are adding exciting elements into people’s daily life. Even though electric self-balancing scooter Q series have the same riding techniques to control the direction by aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance, it is much easier to learn thanks to the twin wheel on the ground. When Airwheel Q series are powered on, they will stand on the ground erectly.


Airwheel Q series self-balancing scooters adopt the latest aviation aluminium pedal featuring level I hardness and better duration. In addition, it is fabricated into frost brushed surfaced owing to latest processing technique. What’s more, concise look with build-in LED Power Level Indicator make them more attractive.

Powered by the most advanced processor worldwide, Airwheel Q series electric hoverboards are capable of processing 1024 flops per second and monitoring real-time data. Top architecture and significant performance improvement, twin wheel hubs and ultra-widened contact plane to realize better riding stability. Intelligent protection of your safety, including tilting protection, speed control, low battery protection and warning, intelligent response to your intention, upgraded acceleration performance and stronger brake force escort for your trip.


When the intelligent electric scooters tilt at over 45°sideways, or speed exceeds 12km/h and or the power level falls lower than 15%, Airwheel Q series intelligent electric scooter will take related measures to remind the riders to slow down or stop. Lighter, more portable and space-saving, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter Q series fit easily into your trunk.

Indeed, Airwheel Q series electric self-balancing scooter will be the great assistant for the girls, no matter they want to go shopping, or visiting friends to have a chat. With the better balance and safer equipment, the journey will be pleasing and cosy.

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