19, October 2015: When Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have attracted many customers’ attention, they might think Airwheel would concentrate on creating more unicycles and 2-wheeled scooters. To users’ surprise, Airwheel has rolled out a brand new product: wireless remote control skateboards M3. Skateboarding is a popular sport all over the world. Airwheel designers take skateboards as the design prototype and have created the maple electric skateboards M3. Airwheel said the design philosophy is wider, longer and stronger. Users are all curious about the new model. This paper will introduce M3 to the public in detail.



Airwheel skateboards M3 continues to adopt the renowned customized Cheng Shin Tyres. The high-end customized tyres are wider than that of traditional skateboards. The specially designed tread patterns perform well both on the front and rear wheels. Therefore, users’ trips on Airwheel M3 must be safer and smoother.


Airwheel motorized skateboards M3 are equipped with double battery groups and batter protection boards. Airwheel adopts the original Sony lithium batteries, which are safer and have longer lifetime than ordinary ones. The maximum battery capacity is 160wh, and it only takes about 2 hours to reach the full charge. Hence, players can have longer trips with Airwheel M3.



What attracts customers most is that Airwheel electric skateboards M3 have wireless remote controls. Instead of controlling the intelligent scooters by twisting bodies, users can easily control skateboards M3 with their own hands. In addition, Airwheel designers use the PU material damper mass in M3’ front and rear wheels. So it can respond effectively and immediately to the bumpy roads.

All in all, as a brand new model, Airwheel M3 has many advantages waiting for customers to discover. Whether to be a toy or a vehicle, Airwheel motorized skateboards M3 can perform very well.

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