15, March 2016: CeBIT 2016 is expected to take place in Hannover fairground, Germany. It will start on 14 March and end on 18 March. The 5-day-long global event are set to receive over one millions of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. CeBIT is intended for information technology. The electric intelligent scooter belongs to this overall sector. Being a leader of intelligent self-balancing scooters in the sector, Airwheel is natural to take part in this prominent event. Now it is gearing up for this event. Airwheel is picking its excellent electric intelligent scooters for the international trade show.


It goes without saying that Airwheel latest models will make a public appearance in CeBIT 2016. Airwheel new models include Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S6, the electric skateboard M3 and Z3 similar to the traditional electricity-assisted scooter. Airwheel S6 is highly likely to be presented in its booth during the exhibition. The feature of S6 lies in its integration of the sit-on mode and the stand-on mode.

The perfect integration makes it outstanding from other models. When the rider covers a long distance, standing on S6, he could choose to sit on the saddle of S6 for a rest. Sitting on the saddle of Airwheel S6, he still can enjoy the scenery around him. The ride will become effortless and carefree.


There is a good chance that the electric skateboard M3 will make its debut in CeBIT. Numerous youngsters cherish the feeling of the traditional skateboard, which can take them back to their childhood at the very sight of it. To rouse the same nostalgic feelings, Airwheel retains the traditional exterior design. Thereby Airwheel M3 is still reminiscent of the childhood of the rider. On the other hand, Airwheel M3 caters to the youngster. That gives an impression that they are always riding a new skateboard M3.Airwheelintelligent self-balancing scooters make their debut in CeBIT, 2016.

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