Last year, Airwheel S-series intelligent self-balancing scooters came on the scene. However, S-series only has two models: S3 and S3T. The moment they released to the market, they were both immediately received. On the one hand, the original two-wheeled structure was a great breakthrough and worthy of its reputation. On the other hand, S-series has its sibbuce unique style and design. Sleek and contoured, S-series is as well-made and durable as stylish. It is regarded as the ultimate design of scooter. As S-series has reach its culmination, people can’t help but wonder whether there will be a new member to S-series and if so, what improvement could it have.

Under this circumstance, fresh blood was added as a new member of S-series on Airwheel new release product conference. It was electric self-balancing scooter S5. S5 is placed as a personal exclusive SUV scooter. Though inheriting parts of the elements from S3, it has made some breakthroughs and modifications. That is S5, the S3 plus.

S5, just like S3 and S3T, implements the two-wheeled structure and the standing-posture riding mode. Sleek and contoured, S5 is as fashionable and stylish as S3. Merely aping the previous version is perceptibly insufficient. S5 is advanced and modified in every aspect.

S5 introduces 16-inch jumbo tyres. Equipped with such jumbo tyres, S5 can be ridden on any terrain. S5 can easily conquer some seemingly dangerous situation, such as negotiating the rugged terrain and go downing the steps. With regard to battery, S5 applies 520 W Panasonic battery, which prolongs the life range and powers the battery capacity. One doesn’t need to worry about the electricity blackout halfway with S5. And the long-distance trip is becoming possible now. In addition, S5’s foldable shaft saves a lot of storage space. The user can put S5 into his trunk effortlessly when he gets around.

S5, the new member of S-series, will attract people’s attention and win a rapturous ovation. S5, alongside S3 and S3T, will imaginably solid the climax of scooter design.

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