22, February 2016: Jessica has come across the heavy snow recently. Though snow has melts, the weather is still very cold. Jessica felt difficult to get up early to take the subway or drive the car since the subway is so crowded and in the rush hour, the traffic jam cannot be avoided. So she decides to use Airwheel F3 which was just used as exercise tool before. She really appreciates the ways of exercise since Jessica just needs to bend or change posture to control the orbit electric unicycle, and the long time standing can consume calories.


Gradually, Jessica finds Airwheel F3 is also an excellent transport for her to go to company. It can avoid traffic jam which saves her lots of time. Some people may think it is rather cold to ride the unicycle in winter while the fact is not as assumed. Jessica needs to bend, lean back and stand for a long time to control the annual electric unicycle and she feels hot even in the cold winter. This encourages Jessica to insist on the way of traveling.

Besides, the mixed material with PC and ABC is strong enough to resist shock, and the material can also resist snow, coldness and heat. Jessica does not worry that the material will be cracked due to the low temperature. The one wheel scooter is also equipped with the changeable silicon protecting pads to protect the legs of riders from scratches or injuries. Jessica loves this design since these pads can change into different colors.


Airwheel F3 releases Jessica from the paining of staying in the crowded carriage or waiting for the traffic jam endlessly, she does not fear the coldness any more since she always exercise unconsciously on the way to company. The annular electric scooter provides a new lifestyle for Jessica which is healthier and saves lots of time.

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