14, October 2015: Electric unicycle is the product of innovation since it changes the way of riding. Airwheel F3 is another kind of innovation due to its modification in the construction of the former model. F3 utilizes the hollow ring of the tyres, which can reduce the weight effectively. Besides, the hollow ring is convenient for users to pick up.


The handle of Airwheel is hidden in the electric one wheel, which can be popped. The handle is made up with polyurethane with comfortable feeling of touch. The silicon pads can also be changed with various colors. The pads can also reduce the friction for the riders to reach the aim of protecting the legs.

Airwheel F3 equips with LED lights, and the lights is bright and of low battery. They can alarm vehicles around the one-wheel unicycle and pedestrians at night. Users can ride the unicycle at night without any worry. The LED lights can also increase the awareness of safety for pedestrians and other riders.


The body of Airwheel F3 utilizes the mixed material of PC and ABC, which is of high resistance of heat, coldness. The body of annular electric scooter can be strong even Airwheel F3 falls down suddenly. The new material is also stronger and more artistic. The pedals have been upgraded too. The surface of pedals is made of nubuck material which can help users stand steadily since nubuck material can increase frictions. Though Airwheel F3 utilizes hollow structure, its pedals can help riders to stand steadily without the worry of falling down.

With those strengths above, Airwheel F3 will be the best choice of everyone. Just purchase one to enjoy the green and convenient way of traveling. Users can pick up the hollow structure more easily and the weight of the orbit electric unicycle is also decreased greatly. So users can move it to anywhere as they wish. Airwheel F3 is the good companion of the one pursuing quick and green lifestyle.

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