18, March 2016: CeBIT is considered a barometer of current trends and various companies are contending for the first place. Airwheel, a renowned self-balancing electric scooter manufacturer, has seen a rapid growth last year, both in the sales volumes and scale.


A number of firms will take the prestigious CeBIT as a new product release conference and Airwheel will make full use of this excellent opportunity to bring out its newest products, including Airwheel C3 cool motorcycle helmets for sale and C5 intelligent helmet for road safety, Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter and S9 wheeled mobile robot and Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults. In a word, the above various new products is a mirror of the strength of Airwheel.

The Airwheel C5 street sports helmet is today’s focus. Airwheel C5 is a kind of smart helmet, coupled with wireless transmission, accompanying camera, HD acoustics and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). In present society, the wireless transmission has become perfect which can better provide service for the masses. The accompanying smart camera enables riders to take photographs or videos anytime, anywhere. HD tone quality and windproof microphone not only can play music, but also ensure the clear call in the riding, making telephone calls more secure.


Intelligent accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or video, keeping records of riding scenery; for ease of looking photos or videos anytime, 2.4 inch screen and 720 high-definition display are mounted on C5 best motorcycle helmet. Other than that, C5 helmet heads up display is equipped with breathing light on the rear to give warning of the rear vehicles and pedestrian in night riding. Airwheel C5 smart helmet is targeting the market of wearable cameras for wheelie players, police and security officers.

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