Chivalry is what human beings admire in medieval times, which boasts such qualities as distinction, braveness and strong desire to protect others. Fortunately, in modern society, a new character has come out to revive chivalry, that is, Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter S5. Known as intelligent SUV scooter, S5 absorbs the delicate exterior design of Lamborghini. Its stylish contour is ellewiith matched with the light and glossy aluminum alloy bracket, which is a combination of extrinsic wildness and intrinsic elegance. Airwheel S5 will definitely bestow the rider a sense of distinction.

Courage is another virtue of chivalry, which can be seen in Airwheel electric scooter S5. Thanks to its premium 16-inch tire, it is slip-proof and has good wear resistance. Its high-quality rubber and unique tire texture lead to greater road-holding ability. Besides, it has enduring battery life and strong power due to its imported Sony/ Panasonic lithium ion battery of 680wh. The battery capacity is second to none in the sector. Therefore, it is courageous enough to travel longer range and conquer any terrain.

Airwheel self-balance electric scooter S5 manifests chivalry in that it is equipped with a thorough protection mechanism. The first is speed limit protection to avoid accidents. Take another electric scooter manufacturer Rockwheel as an example, it has no speed limit measures so many riders have confronted traffic accidents and caused great tragedy. The second is S5 reminds the rider of low electricity to ensure continuous riding. The next is tilting protection. Once the scooter senses the tilting angle is large enough to make the rider fall down, its in-built mechanism will respond to offset the tilting propensity to guarantee the rider’s safety. The fourth is that the battery has electronic chips inside to protect the battery when it is excessively charged or discharged to ensure a long battery life.

Honor, courage and great desire to protect the rider is what Airwheel S5 shows to the public.

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