08, August 2016: AirbnbEazy are now extending their Airbnb management services in London to include Zone 3. After their recent success, they are extending their scope of properties they are accepting for their managed solutions.


What do their users say?

AirbnbEazy cover 14 boroughs in total. They have a 50% on average revenue increase vs. long term lettings. There’s a 15% cost for full management, and they have completed 146 projects in total. AirbnbEazy have been described by their users as ‘friendly and knowledgeable’, and say they wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in future. One user has been quoted saying they ‘couldn’t do it without them’!

Services Offered

AirbnbEazy offer many services that can help you to manage your properties, including:

* Guest screening - your guests will be carefully screened to ensure they are suitable.
* Profile listing and advertising - your listings will be added to the most popular sites to get you a higher occupancy.
* Guest communication - AirbnbEazy will ensure your guests have a hassle free experience.
* Key drop off & collection - keys will be dropped off and collected at the end of a stay.
* Arranging cleaning - professional cleaners will see to the property in between visits.
* Towel and linen laundry - clean towels and bed sheets will be taken care of in between visits.
* Re-Stocking Essentials - shampoo, shower gel and toilet roll will be provided for guests.
* Guest House Guide - a house guide can be given to guests to enhance their stay.
* Check-Out Inventory - inventory will be carried out to ensure there is no damage and that nothing is missing.

There are no contracts, and if you need a personal plan, AirbnbEazy will be happy to do that for you.

Sites Used And Pricing

Putting your property on Airbnb can earn you 200% more than a regular long term rental. AirbnbEazy do all of the work for you. The holiday lettings site in use by AirbnbEazy are:
* HomeAway
* Wimdu
* House Trip
* Airbnb

Prices are as follows:
* Key Drop-Off Service - £35 per visit.
* One- Off Full Service - £70 per visit.
* Auto Management - 15% of Airbnb revenue, plus a cleaning fee.
* Fully Managed - 19% of Airbnb revenue, plus a cleaning fee.

If you have any more questions, there are many FAQs answered on their webpage. You can also contact them with the information as shown below.

For Media Contact:
Pete Richards
Kemp House
London, EC1V 2NX
Telephone: 2034881038
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://airbnbeazy.com/