Air & Surface Logistics, a freight shipping company located at , hired Matt Johnson of Sydney, Australia, last fall as part of its growing team of international shipping professionals. Matt will serve as a team leader, supervising a group of international logistics specialists handling air, ocean and ground freight shipments in the company’s Orange County, CA headquarters.

"Matt came aboard and brought his expertise in international shipping to Air & Surface at a time when we are poised for rapid growth and expansion in several international and domestic shipping markets," says Paige Cotcamp, President and CEO of Air & Surface. "Matt’s wisdom and experience, particularly in Pacific Rim trade lanes, will prove invaluable."

Air & Surface Logistics has a long history of both domestic and international shipping projects, shipping everywhere from remote South Pacific islands to the some of the northernmost points reachable on the globe. This past winter the Air & Surface Logistics team of international shipping professionals and their extensive partner network was able to keep freight moving quickly and on schedule, despite one of the most brutal East Coast winters on record, as seen at

Now, Matt Johnson's international shipping experience promises to add yet another layer of knowledge to the company's already considerable expertise in international shipping regulations. Johnson and his team members hope to make it even easier for business customers to navigate the intricacies of international shipping smoothly and without delays.

"I am excited to bring my years of experience in international shipping to the great clients we serve at Air & Surface Logistics," says Johnson. For more information, see

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