As the Largest Segment of the Population Begins to Reach Retirement There Questions That Have Not Been Asked or Answered… Until Now. Baby Boomers are about to face a retirement with a myriad of new challenges and considerations. Dr. Jane Gould presents the facts that could help every Baby Boomer invent their own retirement.   

Denver, CO (February 12, 2015) —  Aging Well in Suburbia: Gray Homes|Green Cars by Jane Gould presents us with some eye opening quandaries Baby Boomers are about to face. After decades of achieving the American dream in the suburbs, this aging population faces some serious choices about their lifestyles.  Dr. Gould asks, “Can the current generation of older people age well in their suburban housing stock?”

Baby Boomers are credited with a host of inventions from mini-vans, and SUVs to ATMs. Now “Baby Boomers will have the daunting task of rearranging the pieces,” Dr. Gould tells us. The main challenge for aging in a suburban location is transportation. Suburbia has locked many baby boomers in their cars. Most suburban areas are ill served by public transportation and Baby Boomers are reluctant to give up the freedom their own vehicles bring them.

“Baby Boomers will also need to reinvent their homes if they are going to age-in place,” states Dr. Gould. In addition to transportation challenges, many Baby Boomers will grapple with keeping their homes with all the maintenance and upkeep versus moving to a community center or buying or renting a townhouse or condo in a more convenient location. For decades bigger was better as suburbia sprouted larger square footage homes with three or more car garages. When the family becomes smaller, as children leave and spouses pass, a large home may become more of an albatross than oasis.

Technological advances in health and medicine have us living longer than ever. A retirement can easily be a thirty year period now. Retirement for Baby Boomers has reached a historic portion of total lifetime. This enables them plenty of time to reinvent retirement but they will need to make major decisions regarding their lifestyles and locations.

Aging Well in Suburbia( is a must read for Baby Boomers and their now adult children. Dr. Gould gives us an awakening experience with a myriad of considerations and choices for a retirement as unique as each Boomer. The book is available on Amazon in both hard copy and Kindle versions.

Jane Gould
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Aging in Suburbia