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OSD Design services firm is trusted choice of Engineering firms, Building contractors and Real-estate developers for providing mission-critical structural design services including structural drafting, steel detailing, shop drawings and fabrication scheduling. Save 60% of your project costs by outsourcing Structural design, Drafting, Technical drawings or Consultancy related requirements to us. Know more about us at: http://www.outsourcestructuraldesign.com/structural-design.php

Design of all major structural members such as

  • Foundations (Shallow, Pile & Raft)
  • Beams & Columns (Steel, RCC, Concrete)
  • Retaining walls and Sections
  • Roof truss (welded, riveted or bolted)
  • Lintels, Slabs, Sections and Partitions
  • Decks, Girders, Stairs, Joists & Handrails
  • Miscellaneous structural members

Support for Renovation or Repair jobs:

  • Design consultancy
  • Regional Code compliance
  • Alterations to existing structural components
  • Repair or renovation of retaining walls
  • Renovation design advice
  • CAD conversion & Technical drawings
  • Design for deteriorated structures
  • Composite structure design
  • Pre-stressed & post-tensioned design
  • Masonry design
  • RCC building design

We provide accurate, clean and easy-to-understand Shop drawings as and when required by the contractor, supplier, fabricator or manufacturer. Shop Drawings are drawings, diagrams, schedules data specially prepared for the structure by the structural designer to represent members of a steel, concrete or RCC structure. Shop drawings and specifications prepared by architects and structural engineer shows general design concept for the structure.

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