(Free Press Release) Need Steel Rebar design and Detail drawing services at affordable cost?

At OSD Services firm we use advance Rebar Detailing software to ensure the most accurate and optimum production of your Rebar bending schedules. We can our fabrication cost and enable quick response your Rebar design requirements.

We provide each and every detail related to bar design:

  • Bar bending schedules (BBS)
  • Rebar Shop drawings
  • Placement details in concrete slab
  • Rebar tie, bend, overlap, hook details
  • Rebar for sloped wall detail
  • Parapet wall rebar detail
  • Footing rebar details
  • Construction documents
  • Miscellaneous Rebar design details

Advantages of our Rebar detailing services are as follows:

  • Rbar detailers, well qualified to do your job.
  • 3D models for Rebar detailing
  • Accurate and Detail-oriented drawings
  • Quick turn around time
  • Significant savings in cost
  • Secure FTP server for 24X7 data transfer

Contact us at http://www.outsourcestructuraldrafting.com/rebar-detailing-steel.php for any of your Rebar design related queries.

All fabricated orders are cut, bent, scheduled and detailed to facilitate easy installation on your jobsite. Each drawing is customized to provide all the necessary information to your installation crew.

Having worked across US, Europe, Canada and Australia we have a good knowledge of various Industry Standards such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), BS, AASHTO, ACI (American Concrete Institute) and CRSI (Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute). We can also customize drawings as per your internal standards.

For free custom quotes email us at [email protected] now!