When pain and disability in the spine caused by a lesion are not treated by medications or physiotherapy, spine surgery is the procedure of choice. The nerves from the spinal cord spread out through the openings in the vertebrae to other parts of the body. Due to injury or age, the discs may degenerate leading to bulged disc or osteoarthritis of the vertebra. This may lead to nerve pain and impairment of the nerves.

Cervical and Lumbar spine surgery are commonly done to relieve compression of spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. The common conditions in which cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery is indicated are

  • Osteophytic projections at intervertebral joints leading to low back ache or cervical spondilytis
  • Cervical or lumbar spinal disc protrusions
  • Tumours or infection leading to spinal stenosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Vertebral instability

Cervical and Lumbar spine dysfunctions are mainly treated through two procedures Spinal Decompression and Spinal Fusion.

Decompression spine surgery entails removing tissues which are pressing against the spinal cord or nerves resulting in pain or other problems. The approach used for spinal decompression can be anterior (in front) or posterior (at the back) of the spine. Lumbar decompression spine surgery is done to relieve pain caused by pinched nerves. The surgery is recommended in cases of thickened joints, bony growths, disc herniation or loosened ligaments.

Spinal Fusion surgery is the surgery in which two vertebrae are joined with a bone graft or a biological substance. The bone graft is used to join the vertebrae on the top and bottom to form one continuous piece of bone to provide long-lasting stability and durability. Lumbar fusion spine surgery is the surgery done from the back.

The minimally invasive techniques have provided new horizon to advanced spinal surgery in India. The minimally invasive cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery are done available at best spinal surgery centers and hospitals in India. The surgery is done by board certified orthopedicians and neurosurgeons who are board certified and internationally recognized. The spinal surgeons in India are among the best spine surgery specialists consistently delivering great results.

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