14/08/2019, Delhi: Liver is one of the vital internal organs takes part in a number complex functions in the human body, such as essential proteins’ synthesis, metabolizes the nutrients from food to make energy, makes bile to digest fat and absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, helps in blood clotting, conduct detoxification various metabolites and metabolization of drugs. When a liver fails to function properly, a number of health hazards may happen, which ultimately leads to a life-threating condition. In such condition, liver transplantation is the only way to a permanent cure. The liver has a unique ability of regeneration; a small piece of the liver can grow rapidly and re-establish the full liver with the optimum functional capacity required for an individual.

Low Cost liver Transplant India

The liver transplant surgery is a major operation, it takes place in steps like removal of the diseased-donor or live-donor liver and implant it to the patient’s body. This surgery is very critical and it takes up to 18 hours to complete the whole procedure. A number of top hospitals are offering low-cost liver transplant in India for both international and domestic patients.

The liver transplant in India can be conducted in three ways: Orthotopic transplantation, Heterotopic transplantation surgery, and Reduced-size liver transplantation. The orthotopic approach of liver transplant requires replacing the recipient liver with the donor's liver. In the case of Heterotopic Transplant, a healthy donor’s liver is additionally implanted in the recipient body without removing the diseased liver. The third type, the reduced-size liver transplantation is most often performed on children. This process involves the transplantation of a part of the healthy donor liver into a patient. This type of surgery is performed when 15% - 20% of the original liver is intact.

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