There is nothing more prefect than seeing a woman in your life open a jewelry box to find a beautiful pair of earrings inside that you picked out especially for her. While you always want to get her something special and beautiful, you also need to make sure you get something within your budget.

With the economy over the past year, many people who would have not thought a second time about spending a hundred, two hundred or more dollars on a pair of earrings are now having to pull that budget back and keep within the money they have available. The good news is that if you know how to shop you can still get a women earring set that is affordable and will get the ooh's and ahs you want.

There are now jewelry specialists, such as, that do nothing but specialize in creating affordable pieces that still look like top tier jewelry. For example, their designer gold plated earring sets or sterling silver gold plated earring sets look just like those sets that can cost hundreds of dollars more at those high end jewelry stores.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to finding designer gold plated earring sets or sterling silver gold plated earring sets, not only has an every day assortment of these pieces, but also has sets that are inspired by the pieces that are showing up on the fashion runways around the world. That means your woman can look just like that super model in Paris did in the most recent fashion show, for hundreds or thousands of dollars less.

Let's look a little deeper into the psychological effect of getting a women earring set. When a woman opens an earring box she sees not only a pair of designer gold plated earrings, but also something that is much more than that on a psychological level. She sees not just perhaps a sterling silver gold plated earring set, but something that is a show of you how care for her and what you think of her.

The shine of the metal and sparkle of any gemstones show that you think of her as a treasure and that you thought she deserved a gift that would show that to the world. You see, when she wears the designer gold plated earrings you have bought for her she is going to be showing off your show of affection to anyone and everyone who sees her. While the rest of the world may not know where they came from, she will be more than happy to tell them that those sterling silver gold plated earrings hanging from her ear are a special present from you that show how much you love her.

Just wearing them will be a reminder of you and make her feel special each time she puts them on. So, essentially, there really isn't a better gift than a designer gold plated earring set for that woman in your life. Not only will a pair of sterling silver gold plated earrings get that ooh and aah when she first opens the box, but in the months and years to come, every time that woman earring set is pulled out she will remember they were a show of love from you.

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