Trenton, NJ — AE Field Inspectors is a provider of mortgage services in the Northeast, is proud to announce new expansions in 2013. AE Field Inspectors are looking for dedicated, detail oriented, and professional individuals to perform field inspections throughout NJ and PA to cover their expansions Property Inspections are to determine the occupancy and condition of a property by taking photos and or an interior inspection. Subcontractors will be trained to perform inspection that clients require such as residential, insurance loss, collateral and commercial. Also, AE Field Inspectors provide various external and internal visual property inspections for the insurance industry.

AE Field Inspectors offer Residential Inspections that include Chase Inspections which is when borrowers fall behind on their loans so the inspector finds and verifies the delinquent collateral and contacts the borrower to help them get in contact with the lender Contact Inspections are also preformed, the inspector will make contact with the mortgagor or occupant to verify occupancy and file a report on the condition of the property with at least two photos taken. AE Field Inspectors also offers Drive-By inspections, which allows the mortgage companies to know what condition and occupancy the properties are in for foreclosure and bankruptcy purposes. Plus Insurance Loss Inspections, which is designed to document and report the current progress of repairs on damaged property to the mortgage company, AE Field Inspectors also, provide Interior and Exterior inspections for bank mortgagor purposes.

With the natural disaster in 2012, Hurricane Sandy effects were severe, with economic losses to businesses of up to $30 billion Hurricane Sandy, the most intense storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, made landfall on New Jersey on October 29. Over 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. AE Field Inspectors are here to help with the mortgage industry by providing residential and commercial inspection solutions.

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Locally operated company in the Trenton, NJ area that performs a variety of inspections for large and small companies. Since 2009, we have expanded our service coverage area to include most of the northern, central and southern regions of New Jersey and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

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