Increased indoor hours will do no good to either physical or psychological health. Now, forget about computers games, and start socializing with an Airwheel E-bike.

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In summer vacation for students, the study and rest time can go totally out of control. Most of them spend increased indoor hours and lead a games-and-media oriented life. If they are given an Airwheel folding e bike(, things will make quite a difference. Forget about the online games for a while and have fun with some pals.

The young generation are obsessed with fancy and intelligent gadgets. If they own a desirable and trend-setting intelligent vehicle, they would no longer stay all day long at home. Airwheel electric bike E6, with its stylish appearance and smart features will unconditionally appeal to the young people. The E-bike, made of aluminum alloy is light and portable. It’s painted with cool white and orange. The color assortment gives a fresh blow to the scorching summer. With a one key to fold system, it can be fully folded and simply carried upstairs.

Equipped with a branded li-ion battery, it enjoys long distance of running. It takes around 200 min to get a full charge. The battery is integrated with a USB port. When young people’s smart phone runs out of electricity in the open fields, the battery can function as a portable power source and charge the electric devices. As a smart vehicle, E6 can be connected to the phone by a customized app. The app offers services like real-time positioning, riding data checking and fault self-diagnosis. Once stepping onto the vehicle, the rider’s safety is highly guaranteed.

Now, Pokemon Go, a location-based reality mobile game has received unprecedented reception in the world. How can young people afford to miss the chance of getting more social attention and contact on the Network? Airwheel e-bike E6 may facilitate the game players to catch the cute monsters. Ride an intelligent Airwheel E6 smart e bike( with some pals and hunt for the pokemons. The mini E6 can carry riders to zip through winding trails or even gridlocks flexibly.

Airwheel electric folding bike is expected to get more people out of their houses and develop social skills in real world communication.

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