You will come across many teeth whitening pastes in the market. But, to say the truth, most of them are ineffective in giving you pearly teeth. Instead of wasting your hard earned money on these products, you should visit a well-known dentist who deals with teeth whitening London to get long lasting white teeth. Though there are many products that claim to do teeth whitening or brightening the shade of your smile, yet there is no one who can give you a quick result like a dentist.

If you are looking for a teeth whitening London service, you have to know about the process beforehand. Having severe stains on teeth means that you require more than one session to get satisfactory result. The procedure of whitening of the teeth is effective mainly on those who have stains of light brown colour. If the stain has got more embedded in the structure of the teeth or is tougher, then with multiple sessions, the dentist will be able to deal with the problem. Frankly discuss your needs and expectations with the dentist you have selected so that he can tell you straightforwardly what you should expect from him.

Generally, the teeth whitening services are given in two ways to the patients. One of these methods is the laser and the bleach method. By making use of laser and a special mixture of bleach, the dentists are able o brighten the colour of the teeth of their patients. First of all, they apply some protective materials to the patient’s gums so that it won’t get affected during the procedure. After that, they apply bleaching mixture to the teeth. The next step involves the use of laser which is applied to the teeth that are to be treated. Cleaning power of the whitening solution gets activated when the intensity of the laser is adjusted rightly. However, it may take almost two hours to complete a procedure.

The other method involves the use of bleach to white the stained teeth. After applying bleach, with the help of a special toothbrush, the dentist scrub the teeth to clean it. Most of the times, the dentists prefer to use the bleaching methods on younger patients. One great advantage of this method is that it can be completed within 45 minutes.

People, who smoke often or drink coffee frequently, generally develop yellow stain sooner or later. No doubt, to improve the appearance of the smile, teeth whitening are the easiest process. However, everyone is not eligible to undergo this treatment. You should not suffer from any gum or teeth related issues to avail this method. As it doesn’t involve any kind of pain, you won’t have to worry much about it. Just consult with your dentist and let him give you the suggestions accordingly. You can get knowledge about the treatment by doing some online research too.

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