China - The development trend of international trade has greatly enhanced the forward progress of shipping industry. However, the area of ocean is much bigger than that of land. With the largely developing of shipping industry, all kinds of marine and offshore products for various ships and vessel such as Stockless Anchor and JIS Marine Valve also have great market space. The marine valve especially the marine globe valve is the most important part on vessel board. There are some advantages and disadvantages about this commonly equipment in ship.

The marine globe valve has much more advantages, which are very useful for each employee on the ship board. If people want to purchase this useful valve for vessel, they could browse the website , the best supplier for all kinds of offshore products.

First, the globe valve has the simple structure which has already made the manufacturing and maintenance of this valve become more and convenient. The trip of most of ship should be much longer and it would be few opportunities for them to have repairing and supplying on land. This kind of situation has determined that all of equipment and devices on vessel should be easy to be repaired. The stop valve could meet this need.

Second, the working stroke of the marine globe valve is smaller than most of other valve. Because of this advantage, the opening and closing for this machine is very short. This kind of strong point could largely reduce the failure rate of this machine.

Thirdly, the globe valve has good sealing and the friction force between the sealing surfaces Marine Anchor is very small. These two points could largely help people prolong the service-life of this machine. On the other hand, it could also let the operation of this kind of valve become very stable.

Apart from the advantages of this kind of valve, there must be also some defects for this machine. These shortcomings could be concluded into factors below.

First, the fluid resistance of the globe valve is very large so the force required to open and close this valve should be large. This point is because of the simple structure of this valve. However, the ship server must be stronger enough or they would not open and close the valve.

Second, this kind of valve could not be applied with media liquid which have particles, viscosity and easy coking. Otherwise, the situation of failure would be very frequently.

Thirdly, the adjusting ability and performance of this kind of globe valve is very poor. That is depends on the simple structure.

However, types of marine globe valve could be divided into the flanged type, the external JIS Marine Valve thread type and internal thread type. According to the flow direction of media fluid, there are straight type valve and angle type. Please visit to get more information about this product.

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