United Kingdom, June 12, 2014: Regular vehicles in the market are programmed to have certain restrictions for the safety of its occupants. There are various considerable reasons why engines are controlled with such programmes. Advanced Tuning is the company for those who are aware of functionality of various components and find such limitations offensive towards pleasurable drive. It is a professional remapping service provider for Engine Control Units (ECU) of all major car brands. The company ranks among the top 3 ECU remapping companies in the United Kingdom and has been continuously expanding its network of outlets throughout the country.

Professional remapping is essential to unlock the potential of engine incorporate in regular vehicles. Engine remaps do not alter the configuration of the engine rather remove the limitations and restrictions that are applied by manufacturers to ensure safety of people. Passenger cars are developed with laymen in consideration. Manufacturers include certain restrictions to ensure safety of common man who is not deeply aware of functionality of engine, suspension and other main components of a car. Advanced Tuning provides professional engine remapping in order to remove all manufacturer-incorporated limitations. Thus, drivers get the added confidence of unlocked potentials of the car.

Petrol or diesel remapping of cars is done within safety tolerance of engines, suspensions and brakes. Advanced Tuning has dedicated experts who understand the limitation and potential of every car. Thus, remapping is done exclusively for each car that arrives at the workshop. Customers are provided unique engine remaps each time since remapping is done exclusively for each car. The company does use specific remapping sets for specific ranges of cars. Thus, customers can be sure of 100% custom modification of their vehicles for the enhancement of its performance. Besides remapping, diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal or customisation is also provided by Advanced Tuning.

Advanced Tuning has more than 2 decades of experience in mobile engine diagnostics, mail order ECU remapping, DPF deletion, DPF removal and speed limiters. The remapping franchise provides custom service for the likes of Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Dacia, Lancia, MG, Rover, Saab, Seat and Smart apart from the popular manufacturers. All the enhancement service provided by Advanced Tuning fall under the safety parameters and the company does not add extra features that are beyond the tolerance level of every technical part. Depending upon the type of engine, Advanced Tuning service can provide power-enhancement between 10% and 40%. The overall effect is improved driving experience, better economy and greater efficiency.

About Advanced Tuning:

Website: http://advanced-tuning.co.uk

Advanced Tuning is a British car remapping and enhancement service company. It has dedicated professionals to provide exclusive service for each car. Its range of service encompass from diagnostic to full remapping. The company has been in service for more than 2 decades and has spread in 18 locations from up North to down South through Yorkshire, Scotland and Midlands.