11/12/2019, Delhi: Robotic surgery is an advanced surgical technology conducted using robotic help or computer assistance. With the advancement of robot-assisted surgical procedures, the limitation of minimally-invasive surgical procedures has resolved, which has enhanced the capabilities of surgeons to perform critical surgeries through small incisions.

Advanced Robotic surgeries to cure patient faster without any complication

Where it is a robotic knee surgery or transoral robotic surgery or robotic cardiac bypass surgery, all of them have significance in the advancement of surgical treatment. The robot-assisted surgical procedure has dramatically changed the whole surgical treatment procedures for the better. The Robotic surgical procedure can even reduce the trauma to the patient by allowing surgery to of through small ports rather than large incisions. By integrating assistance with the surgeon’s expertise, the surgical procedure enables surgeons to perform extremely delicate and precise minimally invasive surgeries.

What are the benefits?

  • Robotic surgery is a type of laparoscopic or keyhole surgery conducted with the help of robots. These surgeries can also be performed through smaller cuts than traditional open surgeries.
  • This process allows the surgeons to conduct the surgeries more precisely and can also enhance the accessibility of the surgeons, especially for oral cancer. It allows the surgeons to access those areas through the mouth that their hands probably couldn't reach.
  • It also causes less pain and blood loss and offers quicker recovery.
  • These surgeries leave smaller and less noticeable operation scars.

Robotic surgery is itself a useful procedure, but it has special significance in certain situations or surgeries, such as Gastro-jejunostomy, Pyloroplasty, RY gastric bypass for obesity, Esophageal Myotomy for achalasia, Nephrectomy for transplantation and bile duct surgery and so on.

Every year, hundreds of patients come to this country to avail of the benefits of advanced robotic surgery in India at an affordable price. Commonly performed robot-assisted surgical procedures performed in India are Adrenalectomy, Gastric Bypass, Heller Myotomy, Nissen Fundoplication, Thoracic, Cholecystectomy, Thymectomy, Lobectomy, different types of cardiac surgeries like Atrial Septal Defect Repair, Mitral Valve Repair, Coronary artery bypass, Joint replacement surgeries, and so on.

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