Sydney, Australia — Lawrence Dry Cleaners is revolutionizing the Australian laundry service industry by bringing the latest CBW washer technology to the country for the first time. The PulseFlow CBW washer, manufactured by the Pellerin Milnor Corporation, is scheduled for delivery in February 2013, and will be the first of its kind to provide the most energy efficient, high-performance commercial laundry option available in Australia.

The historic purchase of this machine highlights Lawrence Dry Cleaners as the most advanced and up-to-date commercial laundry service in the country. The machine, a 10 module 76028 model, provides superior soil removal and rising performance in addition to the most efficient water and energy consumption in products of its kind and will be linked to bran new and energy efficient gas Dryers. The advanced technology provides the best option for the company to save water, gas, energy, and time, which will be beneficial to its commercial clientele as well as to the community.

Lawrence Dry Cleaners commercial services sector serves a wide range of clients, including leading airlines, hotels, investment banks, and more. They believe that this new technology will provide their commercial customers with excellent service, while being more environmentally conscious than ever.

“We are excited about this new addition to Lawrence Dry Cleaners,” said Stephane Lemenager GM at Lawrence D/C, “We have always taken pride in staying up-to-date with our technology, and believe this will be a highly effective part of our commercial services sector.”

Established in 1939, Lawrence Dry Cleaners has a long history of service to both the private and public corporate markets throughout Sydney. With 29 licensed store locations, they provide the latest equipment options, with a focus on efficient, greener, environmentally friendly technology. They offer commercial services, repairs and alterations, specialist services, GREEN EARTH dry cleaning solutions, and a wide range of clothing dry cleaning options.

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