offers reviews about the Adonis golden ratio which is a popular muscle building system for men., an online website was launched recently to offer a comprehensive review about the Adonis golden ratio, which is the latest muscle building program for men. The review given in this website has termed the Adonis golden ratio as a unique reshaping program that is particularly planned to shape a body into its most attractive and muscular shape and proportion. According to, their review offers a fair look at the muscle building program so that consumers can make an informed choice on whether to or not to buy this muscle building program.

This body building program was created by John Barban, who was once in a poor shape. This muscle building program merges ancient secret methods with modern technology to get rid of body fat and give men perfect body shape. According to, the program is a 3 step program which includes a custom workout program, a custom nutrition program and a tracking support and mobile application.

The Adonis golden ratio system operates by using personalized software in order to find out a person’s perfect body shape, taking into consideration their body height, weight and other measurements along with their age as well. Depending on the collected information, the system, calculates an individual’s perfect body shape and offer perfect nutrition guideline along with an effective workout program to assist them in achieving the ideal body shape.

The nutrition plan offers daily and weekly instructions for meal which is customized to a person’s Adonis index whilst the workout plan offers a customized workout regimen which is designed for burning body fat and bringing proportion and strength to a person’s body quickly.

The Adonis golden ration also consists of a mobile application that provides individuals access to the entire muscle building program in spite of wherever they may be.

According to, the further a person is away from the Adonis index, the tougher it is to attain. Nevertheless, with some effort and commitment, the Adonis golden ratio is achievable.  For more information please visit–Pr


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The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program developed to obtain an aesthetically pleasing, perfect male body. This article provides an honest review of Adonis Golden Ratio.

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