AditiRaoHydari Prefers Dark Room Romance!


AditiRaoHydari, who will appear as a guest this week on the finale of the Superdude, has learnt a new way of dating! During the shoot of the finale task,Aditi had to go on blind dates with the finalists in a dark room. Aditi was thrilled with the experience and never thought it could be so much fun go!


Aditiinfact confessed to Vinay, one of the finalists of Superdude, that she has learnt a new way of dating on Superdude and actually preferred blind dates in dark rooms rather than normal boring dates.  AditiRaoHydari Says, “I think blind dates like these bring out the best of every individual as it’s more platonic and genuine, one is not just concentrating on each other looks or attire and the atmosphere is more relaxed and fun! This blind date proves to be the real test for the dudes from the Superdude Mansion!


Aditi looked totally impressed with her dark room dates with the Superdude finalists…however there can only be one winner! Watch the finale episode of Integritibindass Superdude to find out!


Tune-in to watch the finale of Integiriti bindass Superdude on 19th January, 2013





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