United Kingdom, 6th June 2014: Advertisements and promotions come in various forms. One of the oldest and the most effective till date is the voice promotions. It has been around for quite some time now and it’s been used at various places by companies as well as individuals. Great voices backed by strong hold over the language can work wonders when it comes to attract the targeted customers. The industry has numerous popular names and some of them are only known for their voice. One of the celebrated celebrities who has been an artist providing his voice services for commercials, promos, web videos, audio books, apps, and more is Adam Justice. He is a British voice over artist and has been known for his persuasive voice which suits most styles and scripts.

He works from his Wimbledon home studio in London and has the objective of providing his voice in a manner that it engages the audience. He has been known for delivering and presenting a clear message while sticking inside the head of the listener. Being a professional male voice over he takes each and every project with same level of seriousness and ensures to deliver his best. Besides his voice over services he also offers various production services while managing his own blog where articles related to the world of voice overs as well as studio recording gets published.

He has been also known among the emerging voice talents as a UK voice over artist and has worked with various large household companies. He has been a part of various start-ups and caters to all promotional needs for people looking forward to a dependable and an experienced voice artists to give them an edge in promoting various products or services. To know more about the kind of projects he has been a part of or see the portfolio to assess his passion for work, people can visit his website. His website also features samples of his voice. Listening to the samples people can understand if the particular voice could help them with their purposes. In order to know more about how to avail his services, customers can request for quotes and further information through online chat or by contacting him through the contact options presented on the website. They can also get in touch with him by calling on his personal number which is +44(0)777 344 0108.

About Adam Justice:


Adam Justice is a voice over artist who offers his voice services for promotions for various companies. He has catered to needs for commercials, promos, audio books, apps, and many more such needs. He also offers his production services and has been a part of various well-known projects. People can visit his website to know more or get in touch with him for their requirements.