Indian film actress Preity Zinta was recently spotted wearing an emerald engagement ring, which increased speculation among her fans, and the press, regarding to her relationship status.

The Indian newspaper, the Daily Bashkar, reported on their website that Zinta, who has been famously single since the end of her relationship with Ness Wadia, had been seen sporting the diamond and emerald engagement ring while attending a weekend of cricket. The sparkler, which stands out on the actress’s finger even from a distance, arguably drew almost as much attention from the crowd as the game itself, which saw Zinta’s supported team, the Kings XI Punjab, lose to the Kolkata Knight Riders. In the post-game pictures the actress took with players from the team, the jewel is equally distracting, and stands out for its significant size.

The identity of the man who has made Preity Zinta admit to having fallen in love again remains shrouded in mystery. While the actress did admit to seeing someone, and has been photographed next to the mystery man, no further data has been gathered by journalists about exactly who her new beau is. The quest to name the actress’s new boyfriend has in no way been helped by Zinta’s expressed desire to keep his identity out of the tabloids. However, judging by the considerably-sized emerald engagement ring the celebrity has been seen sporting, the relationship seems to be proceeding and becoming somewhat serious.

Preity Zinta is best known for appearing in a wealth of Bollywood (Indian cinema) films since the start of her career in 1998. However, over the two decades since her debut, the actress’s career has stretched to include Canadian productions, English-language films, and several different business ventures. She has also been nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in Indian award ceremonies a number of times.

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