U.A.E. January 08, 2010 - According to what is always depicted on television, even the perfectly planned crime scene is bound to fail. In the movie Armored that is set to release on the 14th of January 2010 in UAE, the same idea is revealed. But Armored is still different from any other action thriller UAE has watched over the years. It is a simple but quick action film purely for those interested in action with insight. Play Armored Games or win free tickets to the movie at http://www.armoredmovieme.com/ .

Each member in the team that decides to rob the bank of $42 has their own reasons as to why they intend to do this. This movie is not only full of action; it takes you through the angered and troubled lives of the people involved in the robbery. Believe it or not, the film Armored is basically held on trust, comradery and values. This movie also focuses on the heroism of the main character (Ty Hackett played by Columbus Short) on how he succumbs to greed and peer pressure. Armored reminds you that there is only a thin line between good and evil.

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