Six Sigma is something that many leading business organizations use on a regular basis. Most of these companies would accept that Six Sigma process is highly beneficial for it is able to cut cost by improving business processes. Six Sigma refers to a disciplined methodology and a data-driven approach for removing the defects within the business processes. Be it manufacturing or transactional process, Six Sigma has the ability to eliminate defects from all these processes. If you want to seek more Six Sigma information, you need to do some research on the internet.

Six Sigma focuses on the frequency of standard deviations with respect to the errors in a specific process. The prime objective is to reduce the number of mistakes down to 3.4 defects for each 1 million. This, no doubt, appears to be difficult, but it is important for the industrial and manufacturing activities. To summarize the whole, the principle of this program is that in case a mistake is keyed out and measured, it can be removed. Thus, while gauzing your company’s defects, your company can be ranked on a sigma scale.

A large number of business organizations provide Six Sigma courses within the companies. Online Six Sigma courses are also available. Let us provide you with more Six Sigma information on the four levels of the course. A Six Sigma curse is usually comprised of 4 different levels. The candidates of this course can either take all the 4 levels or any one among them. The four levels include:
- Yellow Belt
- Green belt
- Black belt
- Champions

The basic level course is known as Yellow belt and it is designed for the beginners. In spite of doing the Yellow belt, the candidates are not provided with independent projects as they are only meant for the manager of the project. In order to be eligible for handling an independent project, you need to do an advanced level Six Sigma course.

The ones with Green belt Six Sigma certification have a high demand in the industry and they do not have to endeavor much to get a managerial job. The Green belt certification holders are provided with practical training and along with it an in-depth knowledge of the DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) method.

Both the ones with black belt Six Sigma certification and Champion certification have the knowledge and training to guide the candidates taking up Yellow belt and green belt certification. The black belt certification holders make sure that the appropriate six sigma methods are being implemented in the business processes, while the Champions are the project coordinators monitoring the overall business processes in an organization.

One of the key benefits of Six Sigma certification is that the candidates taking the course acquire the ability to debug the errors of a project. The output of project is not useful if it is not what the client wants. The employees can use their knowledge acquired through Six Sigma training courses and implement them for eliminating the mistakes and maintaining the quality of a product. This leads to an increase of sales, the market value of the company and the clients’ trust in the company.

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