The recently founded Web Portal aims to become one of the fastest growing Websites on Renewable Energy in the Internet. Its goal is to support development, networking and provide information on the entire field of Renewable Energy, both for companies and businesses, as well as for home owners and consumers.

New Energy Portal has four main sections. The first one is the News section, which is regularly updated with the most recent news from all over the world on different discoveries, explorations, economics and events all around Renewables. The second section is a standard information platform for home-owners and consumers, who consider covering their energy demands partly or entirely by self-installed renewable energy devices and hence wanting to inform themselves about the available and affordable technologies. These first two parts are mere information oriented sections of NEP.

The third and fourth sections are economically oriented. The third section is a company directory or business directory of Renewable Energy companies all over the world. Here Manufacturers, wholesalers and Installation companies can enter their data and create a profile of their companies. That way manufacturing companies can find buyers for their products and devices and home-owners can find Installation companies to set up complete functioning systems of their individual needs to their houses. There are three types of listings in order to create a profile and to be visible on NEP. The “Free Listing” is suitable for small and starting companies and has some restrictions of the amount of information entered. The “Basic Listing”, as the name says, provides a standard profile and all necessary information to fully present the companies and businesses. The “Premium Listing” is meant for bigger companies or those who attach importance to a good web presence of their business. Here are almost no limitations to the profile and also a discount is provided for banner ads on NEP. In order to support further development and networking, NEP donates 20% of its profits back into the Research and Development section of Renewable Energies.

The fourth part of NEP is a “Do it Yourself” section with E-books by different experts on how to build some of the devices with affordable and easy to get materials by yourself, as well as information on how to optimize your home for energy savings.

The ultimate goal of New Energy Portal is to support reaching a planetary state, in which the entire energy demand of earth is covered by Renewable Energy Sources. If you agree to this ideal, please support our work and spread a word about