Singaporean aircon servicing company has recently announced the new price update of their services on their official website. It may be revealed that this is only the third time since the company was established that they have decided to modify the pricing. As per the information posted on their website the prices have affected services like general air-conditioning services, annual maintenance, chemical services, as well as repairs and maintenance services.


The company spokesperson maintained, “For a company to obtain the trustworthiness of the customers need to make sure that the prices of services remain constantly reasonable. In this era of high business activities, most consumers look for services that can deliver the best price package for the most reliable services.”


He also added that the company had been enjoying much appreciation and admiration from clients for the services rendered and vowed that they will continue to do so and even try to up their level so that more and more clients can be added to their growing clientele list.


Sources reveal that Acom Servicing has been able to perform efficiently mainly because of the experienced technicians they have managed to employ. It has been claimed that the company has employees who are well-skilled and proficient in both commercial and residential aircon servicing. These technicians have also been learned to be familiar with all kinds of aircon brands which is one very estimable quality required in any aircon servicing technician.


Acom Servicing also takes great pride in being a company that offers a 45 days warranty on their services, which is probably the best in the market.


The spokesperson later confirmed that the newly updated prices can be checked by visiting their official website He also revealed that the company was willing to rededicate themselves towards bridging the gaps between themselves and the clients. For more details please visit


About Acom Servicing


It is a Singaporean Aircon servicing company specializing in providing qualified air-condition service technicians for solving both residential and commercial issues in Singapore. The line of services offered by the company includes general air conditioning, annual maintenance, chemical services, troubleshooting, and repairs and maintenance.



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