Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — 03 October 2013 — Vitamin C Serum has recently launched its new website The new website has a wide range of information about the benefits of using Vitamin C Serum for healthy skin.

Vitamin C has been widely usedworldwide as a measure to prevent and cure common colds. This nutrient is also highly consumed because of its important role in building stronger bones and teeth. But aside from these benefits, Vitamin C is now one of the most usedingredients in skin care products because of its aid in achieving healthy skin.

Among the skin vitamins that we need, Vitamin C plays a very important role in skin repair. It aids in the production of collagen protein which is responsible for the growth of new cells and blood vessels. In addition, it acts as an anti-oxidant as it helps eliminate free radicals in the body that causes damage to the skin that results to dryness and wrinkles.

Fortunately, Vitamin C serums for women are now widely distributed in the market. However, it is crucial that we choose a product that not only promises good skin but rather deliver significant results.Ironpower’s Vitamin C Serum is the answer to this.

This serum is prepared using the freshest ingredients while adhering to the highest standards of serum preparations. It is comes in a light watery consistency that is applied conveniently by a pump spray without the greasy feel of most topical creams, and many serums too. As it is applied directly on the skin, it dramatically rejuvenates the skin resulting to an even-toned, firm, younger-looking skin.

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