In the years 2009/2010 the Health and Safety Executive revealed that 1.3 million people who worked during that period were suffering from an illness that was believed to have been caused or made worse by their past or current work. That is why it has become really important that now, everybody should stand up for themselves. We can all do that by hiring Jefferies solicitors and making accident at work claims.


The majority of people do not know that their employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. There are certain regulations that they must comply with and it is also compulsory for employers to have a special insurance for accident at work claims.  Some people may be reluctant to make such a claim, because of fear of losing their job, when, in fact, the employer cannot fire you.


It is really important that if you had an accident at work or you have gotten ill because of your line of work, you know you are entitled to compensation. It is recommended that you hire a good and reliable personal injury lawyer, like the Jefferies solicitors. It is best to seek out the help of such specialised attorneys because they have experience in the field, they know how the claims will unfold in the court of law and they have contacts like different sorts of doctors that can help you back up your claim and so on.


Furthermore, the Jefferies solicitors are the no win no fee types, which means that if you lose your case, you will not have to pay the lawyer’s fees. If you do win you should know that their attorneys will not charge you, but instead the fees will be paid by the party who found to be at fault in the accident.


Moreover, this payment method is one that can make you rest assured that you not have to pay attorneys a fortune and you can rest assured that they have your best interest in mind because, if you win, they win.


Once you have chosen one of the many Jefferies solicitors and you have decided that you want to pursue a claim for compensation, your solicitor will start to obtain evidence that will support your claim. In accident at work claims that means that he will contact any witnesses, obtain photographs and contact you employer’s insurance company. At this point the insurance company will decide whether or not they accept responsibility for the claim, and if not, then your solicitor will prepare the paperwork so that the court proceedings can start.


Do not worry that things will take too long, because while court proceedings are issued, in almost 90% of the claims a settlement is agreed upon long before a hearing date. The issuing of court proceedings usually speeds up the process of an insurance company of dealing with your claim.



If you have had an accident in the work place, then you should know that you are entitled to file for accident at work claims and you should also know that Jefferies solicitors are there to help you!