Dark Souls is an action role playing game that is known to have frustrated many players because of the amazingly hard difficulty, but still gained a huge reputation — and some infamy at most times. Xbox Live is proud to let all of us know that this ridiculously challenging game is now being offered as the part of Xbox’s Games with Gold Promo’s first year anniversary that lets you get two free Xbox 360 games with another free game because of the promotion’s first year of success. This will surely make most gamers feel excited as they get to play those that they haven’t purchased yet. 

There are newly released free games for this month of June: Charlie Murder is known to be a beating game that was released on August 2013, and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition which is one of the well known games in the history of gaming. These two games are known to be famous, and are now for free. So expect that you will be able to save $30 or more as you download these two games. Dark Souls costs for $20 per game, and is a must have for hardcore gamers due to the challenges that await them in the game. This is also free for download from today up to June 15 of this year only, so be sure to grab it while it lasts. 

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