UK; 09, April 2015: Recent study has found that black population has highest rate of unemployment in UK. As a result most of the youths from this community are engaged in illegal activities to earn money. Access UK has stepped in to solve this problem. It has initiated many job generating courses for black community. Anti- gang initiatives have been launched by this agency to prevent the participation of black youths in notorious criminal outfits. The sole objective of these initiatives is to bring them in the right direction and help them to lead a decent life. The youth employability courses of the organisation mainly include career guidance, apprenticeship training, conducting workshops, highlighting the historical significance of the black population and many more. It not only recruits unemployed youths but also former criminals and other notorious offenders of the black population for creating job opportunities.

It is expected that these philanthropic initiatives will significantly curtail the rate of black unemployment in UK and help them to merge with the mainstream population of the country. The training of black community is mainly conducted under the platform of BME Careers services. It has received great response in UK and other parts of the world. It is now planning to include youths from Asian origin under a single platform of BAME Support for providing them with adequate training to get jobs. This platform will also include youths from black community as well. This association helps the ethnic youth to set up their own youth enterprise & business start up.

It receives surplus donation every year to fund its youth services programmes. Many educated and intellectual people joining this organisation to curtail the unemployment rate of the ethnic population. Some of them have been assigned to the posts of BME advice specialists for advocating the basic rights of the ethnic community of Britain. They organise many seminars on Black history & black on black crimes to raise the level of awareness among the white population of UK. These activists play a big role in eradicating the labour market discrimination.

Many members of ethnic origins have been denied of their employment opportunities even after possessing the necessary skills. Besides, employers have refused to give jobs because of racial discrimination. Racial prejudices have been much curtailed with the help of this organisation. Interested candidates can join this non profitable organisation to strengthen its activities. It accepts donations through credit card. The age limit for joining this organisation is 16-24 years. People can post their comments in its official site. Users can read many articles on the economic conditions of ethnic population in UK. It replies to all the queries of users and urge them to join in its mission.

About Access UK:

Access UK is a non profitable organisation which seeks to provide job opportunities to the unemployed ethnic minorities. Its offices are situated in Brent, Hackney and Haringey. The head office is in London. It has successfully helped many ethnic minorities to get jobs and remove the racial prejudice. Viewers can log in its site for more information.