ACC Limitedoffers affordable education opportunities for students of Jamul

March 2015:ACC Jamul’s UTKARSH Coaching Centre provides 127 students from

the surrounding community with free training and guidance. The students are offered

career counselling according to their respective academic interests.The coaching

institute also aims at improving the communication skills of the students which further

results in an overall personality development.

In 2012, ACC Jamul Cement Works in collaboration with Help Student India established

the UTKARSH Coaching Centreto help students who cannot afford a formal education.

The centre conducts examinationsto prepare the students for admissions tovarious

schools and selects top 50 students for each grade. These students are made aware

of numerouscompetitive exams such as NTSE, JEE Mains, PET- Chhattisgarh, PMT-
Chhattisgarh among others and are taught by highly qualified and experienced


At present 88% students from Utkarsh Coaching CentreInstitute have secured First

Division grades in their +2 academic examinations. Out of the nine students who

appeared in Chhattisgarh P.E.T, each of them have qualified and six of them secured a

highnational ranking.

“Utkarsh Coaching Centre coaching has not only prepared students for competitive

exams but has also created an awareness on how education can help them build a

better future and dream bigger” says Mr KK Rajeev, Director Plant, ACC Jamul

Cement Works.

The centre has also initiated scholarship scheme, which provides several scholarships

to meritorious studentsresiding in the neighbouring communities. The scholarships

have been awarded to 93 students so far studying in grades VIII to X.

ACC Jamul Cement Works has consistently endeavoured to promote literacy among the

surrounding community.


ACC Limited is among India’s foremost manufacturer of cement and ready mixed concrete. Formerly called “The

Associated Cement Companies Limited”, it has a countrywide network of modern cement plants, sales offices, dealers

and retailers. In over 77 years of its existence, ACC has been a pioneer and trend-setter in cement, concrete and

sustainable development.