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ACC Jamul takes measures to ensure road safety for its drivers

November, 2014: ACC Jamul Cement Works organized a Transporters’

Engagement Programme in association with Tata Motors Limited (TML), under

Logistics Excellence. Inaugurating the programme, Mr K K Rajeev Director Plant,

Jamul Cement Works said, “Road Safety Week is an event that highlights the

devastation of road accidents and injury, and encourages everyone to take

immediate action to prevent this. It’s about people working together to raise

awareness about road safety, promote responsible road use.”

The programme extended into the celebration of the Road Safety Week, through

a display of banners at all prominent locations, distribution of road safety tip cards

and badges and several quizzes and Nukkad dramas. Several interactive activities

were conducted, in cooperation with the local police station, based on the theme

“When on Road, Always say ‘PehleAap’ (You first)”. A field inspectionof Heavy Motor

Vehicles and Light Motor Vehicles were done, which acted as a platform to sensitize

drivers regarding safetywhile on the road.

ACC Jamul Cement Works has made considerable efforts to create a safe working

environment. It regularly conducts various training programmes for drivers and

their crew. More recently, it inductedstate-of-the-art technology to enhance its

logistics management systems, thereby trying to ensure the safety of its drivers.

ACC has deployed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) and GPS

technologies, in order to make major advancements in building efficient logistics

and also usher best in class transport system. Based on these results, the drivers

are advised and trained on safer and more resourceful method of reaching the


Some other steps taken, included engaging with transport contractors and

encouraging them to take ownership of driver and vehicle certification by issuing

‘Driver Passports’ (to drivers assessed as competent to drive on company’s

business) and ‘Vehicle Passports’ (to vehicles which have been inspected and

found fit to be driven on company’s business) and a 30 point vehicle inspection

checklist, for daily inspection of trucks. Additionally, drivers are frequently

required to undergo mandatory health check-ups.

ACC Jamul Cement Works, also tries to maintain a healthy work environment for its

drivers not just within the plant but outside while they are on the road. Realizing

that the impact of road safety on business and society is expected to further



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Media Release

increase in future, the ACC logistics team and ACC are committed to eliminating

Logistics Safety related injuries and fatalities.