A leader in providing medical supplies and equipment, Block Scientific has announced the availability of ABX Micros 60, a fully automated hematology analyzer from ABX Diagnostics. It is a powerful tool best suited for use in physician‘s office labs, hospitals, and small clinics.

The device is perfect for the  determination of 8 or 18 fully automated parameters including HGB, WBC, RBC, MCV, RDW, HCT, MCH, PLT, MCHC, MPV, PDW, % and # of LYM, PCT, MON and GRA. It can perform sample tests, either in closed tube or open tube formats, and has a throughput of 60 samples per hour (55 samples per hour in closed tube forms).

ABX Micros 60 comes with advanced features to make the process easier and more accurate. It delivers top performance, and produces consistent results.

• Micro sampling of 10µL of whole blood per cycle
• Impedance technology
• Photometry
• Automatic sample probe cleaning and rinsing
• Single button operator interface
• No compressor
• Easy to use
• Reliable and flexible
• Smart card based memory storage

This recertified hematology analyzer from Block Scientific comes with 90 day parts warranty. Reagents, controls, consumables and service contracts may be available.

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