Among the hundreds of companies out there, only few can match up to the standards of a new watch company like The website, which has grown as one of the finest companies to sell watches, also aims in inspiring and motivating their customers.

For the company, customers always come first. The company is on its way to introduce the Dolaro collection, which speaks about elegance, style and uniqueness. The watch collection has been carefully crafted to meet the indigenous artistic needs of a user. It is available in nylon and leather fashion as well. One can also find $100 watches at the website.

The company has its origin in Boston area. It has been founded by Riley Gilberg. The man, founder of the company always had passion for watches and this passion soon turned into a successful business idea. Riley believes in selling watches that are not just unique with their style quotient, but are also equally motivating and fairly priced.

The company has already created a unique niche of themselves in the social media. About time watches’ presence is vivid and their watches continue to grow as one of the fines ever. The company is associating with communities and different groups to aspire and inspire entrepreneurs as well as photographers and athletes.

The company has been working on direct responses and they have till now received a magnum of positive responses from the media and users alike. The company board always expresses its concern for its audience and user base, who have helped the company to grow and achieve the zenith of success.


Apart from watches, the company also provides exciting collection of accessories to their customers. They also have limited offer discount coupons for new customers. The coupon code that they provide on their website can be easily used to get a 10% discount on all the cool watches of one’s choice.

One can always find more information about the company through the following details:

Media Contact:
Ruth W. McCall
Phone: 203-613-5427
Address: Wallingford, CT
Email: [email protected]