28, April 2015: It is fast becoming an accepted fact that Abisko, a small town in the northern reaches of Sweden, is the most reliable place on the planet to observe the Aurora Borealis. While the spectacular dancing skies are the highlight, there is much being publicised about other activities visitors can undertake in the area as well. 

Renowned operator, Weekend a la Carte Aurora Nights, is one company that offers comprehensive Northern Lights holidays that include Abisko. They say it not only provides a fantastic opportunity to see the Lights, but also plenty of other activity options as well. 

Northern Lights and More 

Visitors to the region can take an evening excursion to the Aurora Sky Station where they can enjoy a four-course dinner before the appearance of the lights. Representatives from Weekend A La Carte Aurora Nights say this is a popular extra many clients take up on their itinerary. 

Visitors can also enjoy a “Lights Over Lapland” trip, with renowned Northern Lights photographer, Chad Blakely. Chad and his team take a small party out to offer guidance in capturing the ultimate images of the stunning natural light show — and this region provides absolutely perfect conditions. Working with pre-set cameras geared up to capture optimal images, a spokesperson from the company says it’s virtually impossible to go wrong. This optional excursion can be included in a number of itineraries. 

Husky adventures in Abisko National Park are another increasingly popular activity for visitors to the area, as is a trip to explore the Norwegian Fjords and the shores of Lake Tornetrask, and a visit to an authentic Sami settlement. Weekend A La Carte Aurora Nights itineraries can also include a stay in the famous original Icehotel. 

Experts say that visitors embarking on holidays to Abisko between January and March, for a duration of at least three days, will (statistically) have an 80% chance of seeing the Northern Lights. With these figures, along with the ever-growing range of excursions and alternative activities available, it’s little wonder the destination continues to grow in popularity. 

About Aurora Nights: 

Aurora Nights is a company offering a select range of once in a lifetime holidays to see the Northern Lights in Iceland and Swedish Lapland. Aurora Nights is part of Weekend a la Carte, a family-run company with vast knowledge based on extensive travels to the region and passionate about superb client service. For more information about the company visit the website at http://www.aurora-nights.co.uk/ 

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