09, January 2015: AB Richards Inc. has been recognized today as the best onsite construction storage rental service provider servicing New York and Philadelphia metro areas and portions of PA, NJ and CT.

The said company specializes in renting and leasing of top quality ground level storage containers for the portable storage market, primarily in the Northeast. Since the birth of this company in 1982, AB Richards Inc. has grown to be among the biggest suppliers of ground level storage containers in the Northeast region.

AB Richards Inc. is proud to introduce itself as a company that is highly dedicated to providing individualized attention, ensuring all aspects of container rentals are considered. Included among their fully satisfied customers are wholesalers, manufacturers, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, professional football teams, schools, hotel chains and a lot more. This company ensures that they will always provide the best service with free pickup and Portable storage containers providethe best solution for protecting valuable products, materials and equipment at your job site. AB Richards Inc. construction containers provide the security and safety that you require to get the whole job done completely, efficiently and in a timely manner. AB Richards Inc. has been giving outstanding service since 1982. Founded with the customer in mind, this company continues to provide top quality storage containers for portable onsite storage market.

Historically, storage container rentals began around thirty years ago as an offshoot of the storage trailer rental business and became a strong factor in the temporary storage marketplace. AB Richards Inc. was among the earliest pioneers within the industry.

AB Richards Inc. is a privately owned company that offers personalized service in order to exceed the demands of each individual job. Their successful development was propelled by their commitment to provide superior quality storage units at the most affordable prices combined with exceptional customer service. They presently service the New York Metro region and a lot more. They are the company that is always trusted when it comes to construction storage containers, and job site storage.

To learn more about AB Richards Inc, please feel free to visit www.abrichards.com This company is truly dedicated to providing the best service to meet the expectations of their customers.

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