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Aamir Ali goes bananas!!!

This is exactly what the latest inspector on SAB TV‘s FIR had to say when we found out that he had to eat a whole bunch of bananas and paan on his very first day itself at work for a shot!
For his first scene of the show, Aamir Ali was to make an entry in his typical character style, eating bananas and paan. But it so happened that he has to take many retakes to ensure the shot was perfect. By the time the perfect shot was taken our Bajrang Pandey, aka Aamir Ali, who otherwise is a foodie, was completely put off by the sight of bananas and paan. The other cast and crew on the sets, though could empathize with him, found it rather hilarious and now they tease him by offering him bananas for lunch each day.
Said Aamir Ali, aka Bajrang Pandey, “It was my first day of shoot and it required me to eat a whole lot of bananas and paan continuously. Initially I thought it will be an easy task as I am very fond of food. But little did I know that I will have to do innumerable re-takes and by end of every take I will be a few bananas down. It was hilarious how everyone at home, thought I was dieting, but I was actually too full and couldn‘t even drink water. But now when I look at the final shot, all the continuous eating was worth it!”

Hope all the bananas and paans haven‘t messed up your perfect chiseled body.

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