Tracking time is one of the most crucial aspects for both employees and employers. The Free Time Tracker is an excellent tool that helps individuals track time and is ideal for all employees who get paid by the hour. It is a simple excel like sheet that is bifurcated into hours in a given day. Users can actually review their own time sheet and manage their work better with the help of this software. The time tracker tracks the time taken to complete a specific task or job. The tool is extremely small in size and does not occupy much of disk space. The tool can be downloaded and installed in minutes. The best thing is that this tool is free from malware and spyware and is better in performance as well.

The free time tracker has a calendar on the screen with the year, month and date. Users can use the calendar to feed important tasks such as completion of project or for entering deadlines. They can save the name of the project that they are currently working on in the calendar. Users can also add information in detail with regards to the project. This is an extremely handy tool and is designed specifically to make things easier for employees. They can provide details about their work right on the tracker instead of using other sources for recording that information. The tracker can be exported to MS Excel and can be shared with bosses or colleagues.

About Free Time Tracker

The Free Time Tracker is a freeware which is also a digital and automated time sheet. The tracker can be used by anyone who gets paid by the hours and need to track their time spent for the purpose of reporting.

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