Their love forbidden, their dream broken, Memphis and Menkaur risk everything to be together.

Cape Town, South Africa (January 20, 2010) Theirs was a love that transcends time. In author Delaney Carpenter‘s emotive and stirring love story, she brings forth a beautiful love shared between a young peasant-architect and the lovely youngest daughter of the Pharaoh. Set amidst the burning sands and unforgiving sun of Ancient Egypt, The Lotus Tomb lets readers experience a love forbidden by the gods and thwarted by the lustful intentions of the eldest of Pharaoh‘s daughters.

Menkaur is a peasant, but he is also young, ambitious, and driven by his desire to become an architect. Despite the rigidity of Egyptian class structures, Menkaur proves himself and is taken under the Royal architect‘s wing. He meets and falls in love with a spirited and beautiful young girl, only to discover that she is the Pharaoh‘s daughter. Love between a royal princess and a peasant is forbidden and therefore doomed. But is love stronger than prejudice—can the young couple challenge fate in their bid to be together?

In this enchanting and romantic escape from reality, the author captures readers in a way that would leave them dreaming, sentimental, and craving for more. “It‘s a beautiful and sad story of forbidden love. And yes, this has been done before but people never grow tired of it and I‘ve combined it with Ancient Egypt.,” Carpenter admits, “It‘s meant to be a book that entertains without demanding too much. Readers will gain a moment of quiet sweetness in their hectic lives. It‘s a simple story and enjoyable story.”

“This tale is beautifully told and captures the mysteries and mercilessness of a bygone age.” Marianne Kapp, Editor

With its unexpected ending, surprises truly never cease as readers are compelled to keep turning the pages. An un-put-downable read. The Lotus Tomb can be purchased at or

About the Author
Delaney Carpenter has been writing since she was fifteen years old and has found her passion in life. “I will continue to do what I love and hopefully my work will find a place in the hearts of many book and story lovers,” she says earnestly. A prolific writer, her projects include published and unpublished short stories, novels, screenplays, and a graphic novel.