King Athletic discusses the importance of core strength for daily activities and athletic performance. Upon the launch of its latest exercise tool, the Ab Roller, King Athletic seeks to raise awareness on how a stronger core improves people's daily life in ways not thought possible.

People and athletes need a strong core, King Athletic says. From improved stability and muscle flexibility to better posture and less back pain, a strong core can favorably impact one's daily life. Daily, non-specific nuisances like back pain, improper breathing, and the execution of physical tasks through a wrong position and form are often the result of a weak core. King Athletic says targeted core strengthening tools like the Ab Roller can help people reduce back pain, increase joint and muscle flexibility during movement, and overall improve the execution of daily tasks.

Ab wheel rollouts are advanced core exercises that engage abdomen, back and side muscles in one's body resulting in a strong, well-supported spine. Core strengthening exercises like ab wheel rollouts can correct bad posture by making back muscles that support the spine on both sides stronger.

Ab rollouts through the Ab Roller engage one's back muscles and obliques reducing compression on one's lower back. As a matter of fact, a strong core means the weight when sitting and standing is more evenly distributed in the spine, hips and back reducing back pain and other muscle-related discomfort. A strong core makes it easier for individuals to assume correct, tall posture with the belly button tucked in, an ever-slight lower-back curve and neutral, relaxed hips. For individuals with a strong core, this position comes more naturally.

Performing ab wheel rollouts requires that the back assumes a straight, correct position during the movement. Over time, these critical muscles become stronger in helping the user improve their posture. Good posture is essential for seemingly simple, mundane activities like maintaining balance while standing or bending to put on one's shoes. The importance of a strong core is indispensable during more complex tasks such as gardening, house cleaning, and during almost any kind of sport.

The Ab Roller is available on Amazon and the online King Athletic store. Made of premium material that's also environmentally friendly, the ab rollout machine features a strong metal shaft, a traction tread to prevent sliding during exercise, and two wheels for increased control no matter the exercise surface.

Every purchases is covered by King Athletic's Lifetime Warranty. King Athletic offers a full refund along with a new product shipped to the customer at no additional cost, in the case the customer is unhappy with their product, making the ab roller purchase a guaranteed investment for all.

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