As the weather turns warmer, more and more women are thinking of updating their wardrobe and fashion accessories for the new season. This means purchasing new dresses, shoes, tops, and of course, purses. Designer Canada Online offers this sneak peek into the collection of Louis Vuitton purses in new variations on the Damier material for Spring/Summer 2013.

One of the best things about Louis Vuitton is the way this brand manages to keep re-inventing their classic bag designs and materials, retaining tried-and-tested elements while adding a decidedly contemporary flavour by introducing new ones. For Spring/Summer 2013, Louis Vuitton updates its signature Damier material in four different ways. Each new Damier is made with painstaking attention to detail and emphasizes craftsmanship in a manner that does honour to the skill and ingenuity of the artisan.

First, there is the Damier Cubic. This material is made with a method called tuffetage, which gives a flocked, carpet-like effect on the leather. This technique was used on the Speedy Cube, a taller version of the classic Speedy, as well as the Speedy East-West.

Next is the Damier Facette. As the name suggests, the material re-creates the Damier in a faceted, almost jewel-like effect that is very Mod. It is made in shiny calf leather and gives a cool '60s feel to the Speedy Cube. It is made in variants of cream and yellow.

The Damier Optic Mesh, Damier Optic Satin and the Damier Cuir meanwhile are created with a dizzying amount of labor from thousands and thousands of tiny sequins. The Damier Optic Mesh features a check composed of sequined squares alternating with areas of exposed nylon mesh that gives a very youthful and eccentric look.

Meanwhile, the Damier Cuir is a more luxurious version that has the sequined squares on rich calf leather. This gives a bit of glamour to a casual evening look. The Damier Optic Satin on the other hand is definitely for formal day events or evening cocktails, featuring sparkling brown and white sequins on a satin field. The structured Enveloppe shape keeps it very smart and chic ¨C there is nothing matronly at all about this kind of glitter.

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