With the surge of violent terror attacks, and continuations of war, we need a respite. A chance to  balance ourselves, and remember we have a choice of peace, at least internally. This inner peace results from awareness, accountability and reflection and Caitlin Hayes' new books, Let Your Heart Breath & Spiritualize Yourself now available exclusively through Amazon in both kindle and paperback, serve this purpose.

As an international attorney, mother and author, Caitlin's perspective shatters delusions that perpetuate pain, and enforces the truth that we must be accountable for our inner state of being.

Imagine clarity in your mind, and a deep release of all that plagues you. Create an understanding of the outer chaos, as it relates to the inner chaos, and strive to eradicate it. And do so in easily digestible spiritual musings and poetry for your soul.

Caitlin Hayes is available for onsite and individual spiritual development work and performance coaching. Caitlin Hayes, your guide to inner peace. Let Your Heart Breathe.

For more information go to www.letyourheartbreathe.com  and www.facebook.com/thespiritualsupport

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