05, November 2014: Taken into any context, the word depression can be depressing itself. Depression has made many people look very much older than their age because of so many things it affects in life. It has even caused the demise of people who could not take it. There are even those who take their own life because of extreme depression.

The main concern with depression is the inability of a person’s mind to cope up with extreme difficulties in life. Some people can easily get depressed in losing a job. They reason out that that’s only job they are good at to earn a living. When they dwell too much on that statement, the tendency is to find a similar job. And when they fail to get one, they get into a depressed state that there’s nothing more for them in life.

When you see a person deeply depressed it is so hard to tell his or her age because the physical condition they are in is indescribable. Other causes of depression that can make people depressed are: loss of a member of the family or a relative; catastrophes or natural calamities; destruction of a house; witnessing heinous crimes or just about anything that will disturb the mind for a length of time.

Loss of a loved one can be very depressing for many people especially if they have been very close to each other. It takes for normal people six months to year to finally accept the loss and move on. People who take a loss to deep inside them and also want to end their lives are those who get into deep mental depression.

Mental stress can lead to depression

Stresses with people are considered temporary problems can be resolved within a short span of time. In some cases, the problems causing the stress that is not resolved in a short time can become complicated. A complicated problem can be very depressing that it will put a person in a depressed state of mind.

For other people still, some may seem to be carefree and unmindful of their problems. They look as if they are free from any stress not knowing it is just hanging at the back of their minds. So, they don’t take care of solving their problems. Small can become big and that happens to many small problems. When a bigger problem suddenly looms before carefree people, they can be shocked. They never thought that it can become a bigger problem. Without having any idea on how to solve the small problem, the big problem can cause severe stress and lead to depression. This is the point when a happy carefree person gets suddenly depressed and he or she will look like10 to 20 years older.

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