For a quick weekend getaway at a place near your home or a few days away from work and the usual chores you may think of a bed and breakfast Yorkshire. If this is in Holmfirth, a beautiful English countryside location that relaxes your nerves and gives you the much needed break that your senses are craving for, then there’s nothing like it. And, did we mention the wonderful traditional tea rooms Yorkshire that take you back to the Victorian ages? You can just visit these tea rooms to have a feel of how it was like in those days. No, the services aren’t as old as the ambiance as is. They are absolutely up to date. Think Wi-Fi, well-furnished dining rooms, modern conveniences, outdoor seating areas and a lot more. Oh, and you can also bring your pet along with you, that’s completely allowed.

While in Holmfirth, stay at bed and breakfast Yorkshire

Wondering if this would make you feel at home? How about redefining your experiences and staying at a place which is ages old and yet feels like home? We are talking about a bed and breakfast Yorkshire which is wonderfully located very close to the sightseeing destinations around and yet keeps you in your won world until you step out of your room.

Such an establishment works on the basis of offering complete comfort to its guests and not on numbers. Hence there is limited number of rooms but rest assured, all of them are well furnished. Your breakfast is a part of your accommodation expenses. You can venture out to the neighbouring restaurants and pubs for farm fresh meals whenever you please. The rates are very affordable and not something that will shock you to your bones, so try it out for once, you will not regret staying at a bed and breakfast Yorkshire.

Don’t miss out the tea rooms Yorkshire at your B and B

They are an absolute discovery. You will be amazed to see the kind of crockery, furniture, upholstery and curiosities that are a part of these original Victorian tea rooms which have been touched up here and there to make the ambience comfortable for the guests. You can log on and chat with your friends while admiring the interiors. There’s free Wi-Fi service as well. And, it’s a dog friendly tea room too. If you want you can make yourself comfortable at one of the outdoor seating areas. Tea rooms Yorkshire serve you homemade cakes, fresh from the oven, hot beverages, Yorkshire tea and Earl Grey among others. A traditional looking tea room that has all the modern amenities and makes you remember your childhood with the aroma of fresh bakery filling in the interiors — wouldn’t you call that a great getaway?

A visit to Holmfirth will truly be incomplete without a stay in bed and breakfast Yorkshire. And, when you enter the tea rooms Yorkshire, you won’t feel like stepping out of it too soon with its homely ambience. The amazing thing is, you will get the feel of being in a Victorian room but there’s not a single convenience that you will miss.

Stay at a bed and breakfast Yorkshire ( ) and visit tea rooms Yorkshire ( ) to enjoy your vacation at Holmfirth.